Creative Play with Rocks for Toddlers

I gave my son a bag of rocks for Easter.   I am not a mean mother!   That is what he asked for… seriously!

I wanted to show him some fun activities he can do with rocks; besides throwing.

Thankfully, I found some great ideas on the web.

Easy Rock Moisaic @

rock moisaic

Salt Dough

1 cup salt

2 cup flour

1 3/4 cup water

Bake at 250 degrees for two hours.

This can be a wonderful experience for children with sensory needs.  Have your child step on the rocks with their feet.  (use smooth rocks for this activity)

We can make a simple design  with rocks or make the mosaic larger and turn it into a battle field or a land where dinosaurs can  tromp.


Rock Rumble Painting @

rock rumble painting



I remembered doing this when I was young.   I am excited just thinking about doing this again with my child.



Tumble Painting with Rocks @

rock tumble

I think this will be a great musical rythem activity as well.




Stone Soup & Story @

Stone Soup




Pick out a stone together and make the soup with children .


Stone Towers@








Towers can be made with magnetic rocks.  This can be a battle station, moon rocks with aliens, or tunnels for trains!



Painting Rocks @ Play DR Mom

painting rocks

This reminded me of the time my grandma let me melt crayons on the hot rock…ooh, that brings back memories!

This blogger has more  pictures to see at her blog.  It is a easy read journal  about how a  busy mom can share a quality time with kids.





Stone Homes

stone home




This can be a family activity…  It’s exciting just to think  about what we can do with these houses.  This is a wonderful activity for older children but this needs some additional steps to accommodate different painting  levels in young children.



Stone Monsters @






This mom extended her art activity and played hide and seek  with these rocks.  I thought that was a very neat idea!  She has more pictures about the entire activity in her blog.



Painting Rocks With Chalk @ connectingfamilyand

chalk paint rock




This is a great sensory play for young children and great activity for building family culture.   A nice low key activity .

All we need now is the warm weather to go out and play.


Here are some more fun activities for  toddlers.

Homemade Dirt Recipe for Sensory Play

Simple and Easy Colored Pasta Recipe

Homemade Rainbow Snow Recipe

Kitchen Garden Experiment from Food Scraps

Homemade Art Supplies



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5 Responses to Creative Play with Rocks for Toddlers

  1. PlayDrMom says:

    What a ROCKIN’ list! Thanks for including my post!

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks for including me in your post! I had almost forgotten about that fun activity!

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