About Stephanie

Hello everyone!

I am passionate about  showing, helping, and celebrating childhood success.  I want to show children how  to live a sensible and simple life and take time to give thanks.

I was an Elementary School Teacher before I fell madly in love.   We became best friends, build a home together, and made two awesome kids.   We have a daughter who is seven now but thinks she is 21.   Our son is 3, his favorite word is ” Why?”  and  loves to scare mommy with, “Look mommy, I made_______!”  My online business gave me my  freedom to stay home and enjoy what I love to do with my children.

I had a rocky start at motherhood, my first child needed some medical attention.  That experience led me to my new level of understanding and acceptance  for children with disabilities.   I worked as a group leader at a preschool to help  disabled children learn social skills and study skills before entering Kindergarten.  I worked  closely with Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist,  and Child Psychologists.  I loved it!   Now, I hold the most highest respect for all the caregivers  and parents who share their love with children with disabilities.  (All of you are awesome and you rock!)

I want children to be original thinkers and take risks in their creative process.  I  invite you to my home as I attempt to share my creativity with my two young children.

Thank You for visiting my blog and I hope we can make a  long lasting friendship.

Happy Blogging!

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