DIY Budget Friendly Toy Blocks Ideas




I am pleasantly surprised at how many people are still interested in building toys at home.  My first DIY Toy blog about construction was visited and loved by many bloggers and viewers.

Thank You!

You can read it here.

There are many uses of blocks.  Blocks can be made with different materials.  Children of  different stages of development can play with them .

I am sharing this information to inspire you.  I am sure all of you can come up with creative ways to improve what others are already doing.

Don’t Stop!  Keep going!  Keep the imagination and creativity flowing!  Share them with others.  Most importantly, have fun with children.

We LOVE Blocks!





Blocks that  can help tell a story or create unique characters.  Blocks can help develop fine motor skills and visual processing.  Blocks can be used for stacking and balancing.  The list goes on …

How & Where to Get Blocks

  • Go to your local lumber yard and ask for scrap pieces of wood.
  • Home Depot or Lowes sometimes have lumber that can’t be sold.
  • Do you know any friends, neighbors, or family members who just remodeled their home?
  • Check your backyard.
  • Check Arc, Goodwill, or other thrift stores.
  • Craft stores have craft packs for reasonable prices.

What Can We Do With Blocks?

  • Sensory, texture, and pattern play for babies.
  • Help hand eye coordination
  • Stacking and balancing
  • Showing numbers and letters in sequence
  • Patterning
  • Beading
  • Sorting by size, shapes, and colors
  • Building cities, villages, or towns
  • Building freeway with traffic jams
  • Ramps or barriers for mini skateboard or cars
  • Tracks or tunnels for trains
  • Forts for army men, monsters, or aliens
  • Musical Instruments
  • Art Materials

Blocks You Don’t See Everyday

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tumblr_l84yzsHz1P1qco27po1_500 IMG_4689-300x450 nuts and bolts

eisblock ice cubes cubos de hielo kinder niños kids jugar play spielen

Modular blocks

















































What do you think?   Inspired?  I personally  like the modular, velcro, and snap blocks.

I am afraid, I will have more fun with them and won’t share with my kids.


Use Your  Creativity  &  Imagination!








Pick up blocks off the floor.









Play Games









Blocks on Sticky Easel








Block Building









Gross Motor Activity









Obstacles for Cars









Recreate Ice Age with plastic animals









Build the Alphabet



DIY Tutorials

Building with Blocks on the Easel @

Wooden Snap Blocks @

How to make tree Blocks @

Photo Stacking Blocks @

Chalk Blocks @

Pattern Stamp Blocks @


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