Fool Proof Cooked Playdough Recipe


My son was not feeling well today.

In our home, when my son is sick, nothing else gets done.

I made playdough; we played with it for hours before he went to bed for a nap.  That was a wonderful life saver for mommy.   I wish I could have taken the time to take pictures but the idea of that came to me after I  completed  my task.  I will share the recipe today (for those of  you who wants to just jump in and try it), and I will post  more detailed recipe (with pictures) in the future blog.

This recipe was given to me when I was working as a Teacher’s Helper back in early  90’s.  Since then, I made it and gave it away as gifts or made it for  Sunday School.   If  you keep this in a air tight container and  store it in a cool place,  it stays soft for weeks!   Many times, I head stories on reasons why many women  prefer non cooked over cooked playdough recipe.  When you follow the cooked playdough recipe the wrong way, it ends up too grainy or it  has too many lumps.  I will share my tricks to avoid  lumpy or grainy play dough.

You Will Need:

  • Flour                             1 cup
  • Boiling Water              1 cup
  • Salt                                1/2 cup
  • Cream of Tartar           1 table spoon
  • Vegetable oil                 1 table spoon
  • Desired Amount  of Food Color or Food Coloring Gel
  • Medium Mixing Bowl
  • Small Mixing Bowl
  • Medium  or Large Sauce Pan
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Wax Paper


Overall Prep Time :   10 – 15 minutes

Step 1
Boil the water in the medium  bowl  ( I usually do that in the microwave).
Step 2
Add the salt in the boiling water then stir until the salt is COMPLETELY dissolved.
Step 3
Add oil and food coloring into the salty water.
Step 4
In the dry small bowl, mix flour and cream of tartar together
Step 5
  Wait until the liquid mixture has cooled down .
Mix the dry  and wet ingredients  together.  Get rid of all the lumps while you mix.
Step 6
You will end up with what looks like pancake batter.
Step 7
On medium heat ( 4-5 on the dial),  stir the batter in the sauce pan.
Step 8
In about 2-3 minutes you will start to see the change in texture and thickness.
Step 9
If it burps (air bubbles ) too much, then lower the heat  down  (3-2 on the dial) and continue string
Step 10
Keep string the mixture until the mixture forms a ball around the spoon.
Step 11
Transfer the dough onto the wax paper then wait  until it cools down.
Cover the dough loosely with the wax paper.
Step 12
Lightly oil your hands and knead the cooled but warm dough.
Step 13
Store the dough in the zip lock bag or air tight container.

Have  Fun Cooking … and please share how it comes out for you.


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