Raising Confident Children

Confident child

I have written a blog in the past about building confidence and promoting positive behavior in children.  In the blog,  I’ve bulleted some ideas on how to build confidence.     This blog is an extension of those bulleted ideas.


How to Build Confidence and Promote Positive Behavior

I’ve been a mother for little over seven years.  I am still learning new ideas on parenting my two children.  I don’t have all the answers but I wanted to share my ideas which yield successful results.  I hope my blog can help validate your own believes and ideas on raising confident children.

I  have a daughter who is seven and a son who is three years old.   There are many differences between my two children.  Not just in gender but in personality, character development, and developmental progress.   These are my list of  ideas  which  I value in raising confident children.

Respect Your Child’s Interest


  • My daughter was able to work on 100 pieces puzzle by age 2 so when my son was born, I gave him some puzzles to try, he just threw them around the room and has shown no interest.
  • My son took his first step holding onto a train table.  His older sister has never shown interest in trains.
  • My daughter was introduced to gear toys at age 5.  Her father has shown her how gears worked.  My son on the other hand,  decided to play with gears one day at age 2 and loves to play with them since.

I often catch myself comparing my two children with their strengths and weakness.  I hate  it when I do that!   Yes, they are my babies but, I want to make sure I give them positive feedback for their own strengths and encourage them to grow at their own pace.

Accept Any Fears or Insecurities

horse ride

Fears are real.  Insecurities are real.  It may seem silly to you at times but to children, they are “BIG” deal.   Attentively listen to your child’s needs without any judgmental attitudes.  Celebrate with them when they overcome any fear or insecurity.

This picture collage shows my son’s  experiences with the horses at a local stable.  The bottom picture shows him riding on the tallest horse.  This was his second visit.   Yes,  I was nervous, but he was adamant on riding on this one.  He was fine.

Laugh with Your Children

expressing feelings

Laugh with children.   Cook with them,  throw or kick a ball,  or play games with your children.  This is the best way the young children can learn and recognize different kinds of feelings and emotions.

When children lean how to identify different feelings, they can take care or control their own emotions.   At any given stressful times, children who can control their emotions are much more free-spirited.

Focus on Your Child’s Successes

kids try at their pace

Some of our children are born athletic or some of them are not.

Give them space to try out new activities and praise them for their success.

Encourage Independence

PicMonkey Collage

Often, our own bad experiences or our own fear from the past can  make us limit our children in building their own experiences.   Take a step back and  let them try out new things on their own.

The teddy bear reminded me of  the time when my daughter was in the hospital.  This activity was uncomfortable for me.  It brought back so many bad memories.  I kept those feelings to myself.   As you can see, kids had fun and tried out new things.

Criticize Bad Behavior, Not Your Child


“Time Outs” can be an effective  tool when you follow it immediately with a discussion.  Explain about the bad behavior.  Tell them you have the rules to keep them safe.   Always show affection with hugs or kisses.  Make sure your child understands, you love them but you dislike the bad behavior.

Difference Between Curiosity and Passion


Curiosity is an important trait for any child.  It motivates children to imagine and try new things.  However, when it comes to learning a new skill, it  requires more than curiosity.   You must be passionate about the task.  For example, playing the Violin; a child must practice for hours and hours to master the skill.

My daughter was asking for violin lessons after she watched one of her cousins play.

I let her try it out with an instructor.  Within 10 minutes, she was able to play a song for me.  My son wanted to try it out as well.  He treated the violin like a tinker toy and could not keep his focus.

I hope these ideas gave you some directions in helping your child build confidence.

Additional  Resources

Simple & Easy Tips for Building Toddler Self-Help Skills

self help

Story: A Bad Case of Stripes

Lesson on Being True to Yourself.  An activity to go along with the story.


Being True to Yourself – an activity to go along with the story @ Play DR Mom

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May is Better Speech & Hearing Month

I get excited when I learn new information.  Especially when it relates to Child Development.   This blog is filled with  information and ideas on developing  speech and language for  infant, toddler, and young children.    I want to share this with all of you so we can be better informed.  Knowledge is POWER!


Click on the image to read the articles.




You can click on the image or click here to read the article.

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20 Spring Time Activities for Young Children

This is my collection of activities for Spring.  I always believed Spring is the time for new beginning or a fresh start.  It lifts my sprite when I think about fresh showers, rainbows, butterflies, ladybugs, green meadows, duck pond, spring flowers, or playing outside.

I’ve already tried some activities with my children and we enjoyed putting this together.   Honestly, I think I had more fun.   Please take a moment and check out some of the activities.

If you are interested in searching for more Spring activities, try clicking on some of the icons on my sidebar.  I love what these moms are doing and want to share them with you.

Did you know?  Simple Planner is on Facebook!   Come join me and share your story.



Click on an image to view and read about the activity.  

cloud experiment 7

Cloud Experiment from Reading Confetti



I thought this will be a fun activity to introduce rain clouds to young children.  You can actually see  food color rain falling in the cup.

I didn’t know shaving cream and food coloring can do this!  Did you?  When you are at her website, check out her cloud parfait, cloud painting, and a story.





How to Chalk Hair at Housing a Forest





When my daughter saw this activity, she wanted to do it right away.  We can make rainbow on her hair.




rocks 2

10 Ways for Kids to Use Rocks at Kids CO-OP




I guess my son is not the only one who loves to play with rocks.   I especially like the melting crayon activity.  I am definitely doing that with my kids!   You can go here for more ideas on ways to play with rocks.






Muffin Tin Printing At Artful Parent



We all have muffin tins at home, right?  If not, you can do this activity with egg cartons too.  I just love the bright cheerful colors.


Clothes Pin Butterfly at Indietutes


Frog Pond Sensory Sink at My Nearest and Dearest






I’ve always made coffee filtered butterflies with my kids, I thought it’s time for change.







What a neat little pond!  It’s easy on mom too because it’s an easy clean up after sensory play.







Letter and Spelling Activity Outside Learning for Kids at No Time For Flashcards





It’s warm outside!  Take the kids out to play.  Here is a neat activity to enjoy with kids.





Sticks and Tissue Paper Spring Blossoms at My Nearest and Dearest




This reminded me of cherry blossoms.  This is a wonderful sensory activity for your child and it can brighten up any room.





5 Excellent Plants to Grow with Children at Preschool Powol Packets




I always had this question.  What should I plant in the garden so my kids can enjoy the gardening this year?  This blog is full of useful information and great pictures too.




How to Create Engaging Learning Experiences for Toddlers

How to Create Engaging Learning Experiences for Toddlers




Family time is not always about quantity but quality.  This blog shares  ideas on how we can spend meaningful time with our toddlers.




Have Fun!  Enjoy!

Happy Spring!

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Back to Basics: DIY Sensory Play Recipes

sensory play collage

Back to Basics

Sensory play can be a wonderful tool for young children to explore  their senses in a fun way.  It motivates young children to use  their fine motor skills,  helps with hand-eye coordination and visual processing.

There are so many helpful ideas online,  It becomes difficult and overwhelming task to look and choose one activity to meet the needs of a child.   Especially, for those of us who are trying out this process for the first time.

It’s always a good idea to know the basic recipes.    It’s best to have the child explore basic element before introducing  additional things with different color, texture, or smell.

 Commonly Used Materials


  • Food Coloring
  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Cream of Tartar
  • Pasta
  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Cornstarch



Cloud Dough

  • 2 Cups Flour
  • 1/4  Cup Oil

Cooked Playdough

  • 1  Cup Flour
  • 1  Cup Boiling Water
  • 1/2  Cup Salt
  • 1  Tablespoon Cream of Tartar
  • 1  Tablespoon Oil
  • Food Coloring as desired

Edible Fingerpaint

1/2  Cup Cornstarch
1/2  Teaspoon  Salt
3   Tablespoon Sugar
2  Cups Cold Water
Food Coloring  as desired

Colored Pasta

  • 1  Cup Alcohol
  • 1 1/2 Cup  Pasta ( any size and shape)
  • Food Coloring as desired

DIY Tutorials

Cooked Playdough Recipe







Homemade Dirt Recipe







Homemade Rainbow Snow Recipe







Simple and Easy Colored Pasta






Cooked Playdough with Jello







Edible Fingerpaint


More Ideas

39 Ideas for Playing with Playdough







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How to be the SMART Samaritans

teaching samaritans

I often use the word “Blessings” in my blogs but, this is more commonly and widely  known in the world as “Karma.”  Let’s briefly talk about Karma. There are two main schools of thought about Karma.  One is fear-based and the other is love-based.


I believe many of us understand and focus more on the fear-based Karma.   The fear-based karma keeps our behaviors in check and keeps us from doing the wrong things.  When we are focused  on fear-based karma,  our self-image or self-esteem is measured by  how other people rates us.  Basically, you give the power over your self energy to someone else.    But love-based Karma is the one that gives us feelings of fulfillment and accomplishments.  We are the end result of our own decisions and choices, both good and bad.  We hold the power to change the energy about ourselves.

Both of them go through the  motion of domino effect  in life but one brings you joy from contentment and moves you forward  while the other drowns you in self doubt and hopelessness.


This blog is not about revenge or bitterness but we all had our seasons full of them.

This is an invitation for moving forward.  Let’s take this moment to have a Karma Cleanse.  This is for YOU not for anyone else!



Be Grateful– start counting the things that you are thankful.  You can’t think of one?  Start with the air you breath.  I am thankful that you are here, at this moment, reading this blog.

Act with Love–  I’m not talking about seeking love from others but start by loving yourself.   Give yourself a big hug.  Love yourself for getting up and moving.

Check Your Motives– What are the things that are getting you down?  What are the things that are holding you back?  What can YOU do about it?

Watch Your Attitude– when you are in the process of recovery, use “I’ll try” instead of “I Can’t”  tell yourself, there is no such thing as never… it takes baby steps to reach my goal.    I am moving forward.

Forgive yourself.  Stop being so critical.  When you are good at forgiving yourself, then you can forgive others too.

Now, as you move forward in being a SMART Samaritan, here is my  words of caution.   Guard your new self!    Listen to your inner voice,  there is no room in your heart for DOGMA!    Do your home work or research before you act.

Thank You for sharing your time with me today.


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DIY Budget Friendly Dolls for Girls and Boys




This DIY Toy  project has stretched out my imagination but, this gives me great  joy in knowing  that I am a part of a positive movement to bring back  creative play time for kids.

I realized, if I don’t set limits, I can easily overload.  My main focus is to help everyone get inspired and start on a project.   Test it out, see how you like it, then come back for more ideas.

I’ve written about  construction and blocks.
You can read about construction here and  blocks here.

188954_197775516922286_5152380_nThis idea about DIY Dolls  was inspired  by my daughter.  She made a suggestion, “mommy, can you blog about girl stuff this time?  You blogged a lot about toddler things and boy things.”   I realized, she did have a valid point.






Here is a doll  my daughter and I made when she was 5 years old.   I used magic dough,  tempera paint, wire, feather, scrap pieces of ribbons, fabric, tulle, and yarn.

Every child should own a doll at least once before they grow up.   Dolls are so important when it comes to helping children develop their  creativity skills  and  imaginative play.


 This  collaborative article  was written by an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Child Psychologist.  This article has many noteworthy information about how dolls can help in developing cognitive skills, fine motor skills, self-help skills, speech-language skills, and social-emotional skills in young girls and boys.   I strongly encourage you to take a look and read it.

Article: Why Kids Should Play with Baby Dolls (Yes, Even Boys!)



DIY Tutorials

 Young toddlers  can  practice early developmental skills with plastic baby dolls and when they are grown, they can transition into these  Best Friend or Buddy dolls.

Tutorial: Secret to Cutting Felt

This tutorial teaches simple and easy way to cut felt. No more uneven and jagged felt pieces!

Black Apple Dolls ( Tutorials and Template)







An easy to follow pattern and directions. These dolls can be hand sewn too.

Black Apple Blog Page for More Ideas






Aren’t these boys so handsome!


Other Inspirations by Black Apple Dolls

black apple dolls 012

black apple dolls 010








I love the little details on these dolls.

They look unique and individual just like their owners.


Doll Patten and Instructions

slumber party3








small slumber party13




These dolls look more whimsical.  Perfect for little princesses.


Tutorial: Girl Boy Fabric Dolls Pattern Pieces Included






These dolls have individual personalities.


Dolly Making Tips and Donate Dolls for Children in Need

dolly_donations_header_2010 copy



There are other children in the world who desperately needs a doll.

The link will share how you can help in sending a doll to a child in need.


Thank You for stopping by and sharing your ideas with me.

I had fun and I hope you did too.

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DIY Stained Clothespins with Food Coloring

kaleyann_clothespins_6I am so happy!  I can finally conclude my  search for this DIY project!

This idea came to me when I was  watching my kids play with colored pasta in ” rainbow snow” sensory activity.  You can see it here.  I thought, it will be awesome if I can stain  the clothespins in rainbow colors.

My two kids respond with excitement when they see anything in rainbow.  I tried avoiding chemical stains used for fabrics.   I already knew my kids will put the clothespins in their mouth.  I was looking for a non toxic alternative.  Perhaps a simple and easy DIY  project that I can do with young children.   My wishes have been answered.


Stained Clothespins @ hellobee.com

Here’s what you will need to stain your clothespins:
-wooden clothespins (any size you would like)
-white vinegar
-food coloring (the liquid drops work better than the gel)
-boiling water
-jars or containers to soak the clothespins in


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