Fun Ways to Play with Foil

foil play

We began today like any other day… dropped off sister at school  and came home for breakfast.  When he was done, he asked if we could do something fun.

IMG_1307Oh, sure!

I let him color and cut foil.  I thought I can sharpen scissors and let him have fun.

Little did I know, what came next!

IMG_1308“Mommy, it’s too big!”

We decided to tear the foil with our fingers and try cutting again.

“Now, that is much better!”

IMG_1313“Mommy, Can I have a paper?  I want to make a picture.”

“What color would you like?”  “Red  like James.”

“Can I have wheels too?”

I taped the corners  down to stabilize  paper for this activity, placed makers in a cup and laid the cup down on the table, and gave him small bowl full of wheel pasta.

“What are you making?”  ” A roller caster track.”

IMG_1317We started to add foil to our masterpiece.

” Mommy, can we make Thomas?  Help me draw his face.”

“Wait, Mommy… I go get something!”

IMG_1319He found another stash of pasta and decided to make more train tracks.

Then he rolled the foil in the palm of his hands and smashed it down on the paper.

IMG_1321After adding little pasta beads…

“Mommy, I need to go wash my hands!  Glue sticky, they are gross!”

“No, glue is fun sticky.”

” Oh, glue fun sticky… pupu gross sticky?”  “YES!”

I put the scissors and glue away and stepped away from him.  I wanted him to explore the activity on his own.  I thought,  I was limiting his creative ability by staying close to him.

IMG_1323“What happened?”

“Oh, Thomas got on the roller coaster train track and had a crash. “

“Okay, is he going to be alright?”

“Yeah, I think he needs his nap in the roundhouse.”

Yes!  I think we are all due for a good bath and take a nap.  That was so much fun!

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