Raising Confident Children

Confident child

I have written a blog in the past about building confidence and promoting positive behavior in children.  In the blog,  I’ve bulleted some ideas on how to build confidence.     This blog is an extension of those bulleted ideas.


How to Build Confidence and Promote Positive Behavior

I’ve been a mother for little over seven years.  I am still learning new ideas on parenting my two children.  I don’t have all the answers but I wanted to share my ideas which yield successful results.  I hope my blog can help validate your own believes and ideas on raising confident children.

I  have a daughter who is seven and a son who is three years old.   There are many differences between my two children.  Not just in gender but in personality, character development, and developmental progress.   These are my list of  ideas  which  I value in raising confident children.

Respect Your Child’s Interest


  • My daughter was able to work on 100 pieces puzzle by age 2 so when my son was born, I gave him some puzzles to try, he just threw them around the room and has shown no interest.
  • My son took his first step holding onto a train table.  His older sister has never shown interest in trains.
  • My daughter was introduced to gear toys at age 5.  Her father has shown her how gears worked.  My son on the other hand,  decided to play with gears one day at age 2 and loves to play with them since.

I often catch myself comparing my two children with their strengths and weakness.  I hate  it when I do that!   Yes, they are my babies but, I want to make sure I give them positive feedback for their own strengths and encourage them to grow at their own pace.

Accept Any Fears or Insecurities

horse ride

Fears are real.  Insecurities are real.  It may seem silly to you at times but to children, they are “BIG” deal.   Attentively listen to your child’s needs without any judgmental attitudes.  Celebrate with them when they overcome any fear or insecurity.

This picture collage shows my son’s  experiences with the horses at a local stable.  The bottom picture shows him riding on the tallest horse.  This was his second visit.   Yes,  I was nervous, but he was adamant on riding on this one.  He was fine.

Laugh with Your Children

expressing feelings

Laugh with children.   Cook with them,  throw or kick a ball,  or play games with your children.  This is the best way the young children can learn and recognize different kinds of feelings and emotions.

When children lean how to identify different feelings, they can take care or control their own emotions.   At any given stressful times, children who can control their emotions are much more free-spirited.

Focus on Your Child’s Successes

kids try at their pace

Some of our children are born athletic or some of them are not.

Give them space to try out new activities and praise them for their success.

Encourage Independence

PicMonkey Collage

Often, our own bad experiences or our own fear from the past can  make us limit our children in building their own experiences.   Take a step back and  let them try out new things on their own.

The teddy bear reminded me of  the time when my daughter was in the hospital.  This activity was uncomfortable for me.  It brought back so many bad memories.  I kept those feelings to myself.   As you can see, kids had fun and tried out new things.

Criticize Bad Behavior, Not Your Child


“Time Outs” can be an effective  tool when you follow it immediately with a discussion.  Explain about the bad behavior.  Tell them you have the rules to keep them safe.   Always show affection with hugs or kisses.  Make sure your child understands, you love them but you dislike the bad behavior.

Difference Between Curiosity and Passion


Curiosity is an important trait for any child.  It motivates children to imagine and try new things.  However, when it comes to learning a new skill, it  requires more than curiosity.   You must be passionate about the task.  For example, playing the Violin; a child must practice for hours and hours to master the skill.

My daughter was asking for violin lessons after she watched one of her cousins play.

I let her try it out with an instructor.  Within 10 minutes, she was able to play a song for me.  My son wanted to try it out as well.  He treated the violin like a tinker toy and could not keep his focus.

I hope these ideas gave you some directions in helping your child build confidence.

Additional  Resources

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self help

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  1. Jessica says:

    Fantastic post! Love all your points! Xx

  2. Reblogged this on FasTracKids Kuwait and commented:
    Some excellent points here on accepting the differences between children. No one child is a clone of another!

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