20 Spring Time Activities for Young Children

This is my collection of activities for Spring.  I always believed Spring is the time for new beginning or a fresh start.  It lifts my sprite when I think about fresh showers, rainbows, butterflies, ladybugs, green meadows, duck pond, spring flowers, or playing outside.

I’ve already tried some activities with my children and we enjoyed putting this together.   Honestly, I think I had more fun.   Please take a moment and check out some of the activities.

If you are interested in searching for more Spring activities, try clicking on some of the icons on my sidebar.  I love what these moms are doing and want to share them with you.

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Click on an image to view and read about the activity.  

cloud experiment 7

Cloud Experiment from Reading Confetti



I thought this will be a fun activity to introduce rain clouds to young children.  You can actually see  food color rain falling in the cup.

I didn’t know shaving cream and food coloring can do this!  Did you?  When you are at her website, check out her cloud parfait, cloud painting, and a story.





How to Chalk Hair at Housing a Forest





When my daughter saw this activity, she wanted to do it right away.  We can make rainbow on her hair.




rocks 2

10 Ways for Kids to Use Rocks at Kids CO-OP




I guess my son is not the only one who loves to play with rocks.   I especially like the melting crayon activity.  I am definitely doing that with my kids!   You can go here for more ideas on ways to play with rocks.






Muffin Tin Printing At Artful Parent



We all have muffin tins at home, right?  If not, you can do this activity with egg cartons too.  I just love the bright cheerful colors.


Clothes Pin Butterfly at Indietutes


Frog Pond Sensory Sink at My Nearest and Dearest






I’ve always made coffee filtered butterflies with my kids, I thought it’s time for change.







What a neat little pond!  It’s easy on mom too because it’s an easy clean up after sensory play.







Letter and Spelling Activity Outside Learning for Kids at No Time For Flashcards





It’s warm outside!  Take the kids out to play.  Here is a neat activity to enjoy with kids.





Sticks and Tissue Paper Spring Blossoms at My Nearest and Dearest




This reminded me of cherry blossoms.  This is a wonderful sensory activity for your child and it can brighten up any room.





5 Excellent Plants to Grow with Children at Preschool Powol Packets




I always had this question.  What should I plant in the garden so my kids can enjoy the gardening this year?  This blog is full of useful information and great pictures too.




How to Create Engaging Learning Experiences for Toddlers

How to Create Engaging Learning Experiences for Toddlers




Family time is not always about quantity but quality.  This blog shares  ideas on how we can spend meaningful time with our toddlers.




Have Fun!  Enjoy!

Happy Spring!


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