How to be the SMART Samaritans

teaching samaritans

I often use the word “Blessings” in my blogs but, this is more commonly and widely  known in the world as “Karma.”  Let’s briefly talk about Karma. There are two main schools of thought about Karma.  One is fear-based and the other is love-based.


I believe many of us understand and focus more on the fear-based Karma.   The fear-based karma keeps our behaviors in check and keeps us from doing the wrong things.  When we are focused  on fear-based karma,  our self-image or self-esteem is measured by  how other people rates us.  Basically, you give the power over your self energy to someone else.    But love-based Karma is the one that gives us feelings of fulfillment and accomplishments.  We are the end result of our own decisions and choices, both good and bad.  We hold the power to change the energy about ourselves.

Both of them go through the  motion of domino effect  in life but one brings you joy from contentment and moves you forward  while the other drowns you in self doubt and hopelessness.


This blog is not about revenge or bitterness but we all had our seasons full of them.

This is an invitation for moving forward.  Let’s take this moment to have a Karma Cleanse.  This is for YOU not for anyone else!



Be Grateful– start counting the things that you are thankful.  You can’t think of one?  Start with the air you breath.  I am thankful that you are here, at this moment, reading this blog.

Act with Love–  I’m not talking about seeking love from others but start by loving yourself.   Give yourself a big hug.  Love yourself for getting up and moving.

Check Your Motives– What are the things that are getting you down?  What are the things that are holding you back?  What can YOU do about it?

Watch Your Attitude– when you are in the process of recovery, use “I’ll try” instead of “I Can’t”  tell yourself, there is no such thing as never… it takes baby steps to reach my goal.    I am moving forward.

Forgive yourself.  Stop being so critical.  When you are good at forgiving yourself, then you can forgive others too.

Now, as you move forward in being a SMART Samaritan, here is my  words of caution.   Guard your new self!    Listen to your inner voice,  there is no room in your heart for DOGMA!    Do your home work or research before you act.

Thank You for sharing your time with me today.



About Stephanie Park

Hi, How are you? Thank You for visiting my profile. I am a Stay at Home Mother who loves keeping things real, pure, and simple. This is my vision. “How you do ANYTHING is How you do EVERYTHING!” I work from home, and help people by sharing and showing how to build an empires from their living room/ home office with nothing more than a computer or a laptop, an internet connection, and an unstoppable passion to succeed. My dream and passion is in sharing my gratitude I’ve learned from my journey as a "Online Networker" while staying at home with my family and empower everyone to discover their own hidden talents and create/ celebrate their success. If you find comfort in my vision… please stop by my Facebook page or call my home office and share your thoughts with me. >>>> (719) 544 - 2002 Looking forward to connecting with you soon!
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