DIY Budget Friendly Dolls for Girls and Boys




This DIY Toy  project has stretched out my imagination but, this gives me great  joy in knowing  that I am a part of a positive movement to bring back  creative play time for kids.

I realized, if I don’t set limits, I can easily overload.  My main focus is to help everyone get inspired and start on a project.   Test it out, see how you like it, then come back for more ideas.

I’ve written about  construction and blocks.
You can read about construction here and  blocks here.

188954_197775516922286_5152380_nThis idea about DIY Dolls  was inspired  by my daughter.  She made a suggestion, “mommy, can you blog about girl stuff this time?  You blogged a lot about toddler things and boy things.”   I realized, she did have a valid point.






Here is a doll  my daughter and I made when she was 5 years old.   I used magic dough,  tempera paint, wire, feather, scrap pieces of ribbons, fabric, tulle, and yarn.

Every child should own a doll at least once before they grow up.   Dolls are so important when it comes to helping children develop their  creativity skills  and  imaginative play.


 This  collaborative article  was written by an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Child Psychologist.  This article has many noteworthy information about how dolls can help in developing cognitive skills, fine motor skills, self-help skills, speech-language skills, and social-emotional skills in young girls and boys.   I strongly encourage you to take a look and read it.

Article: Why Kids Should Play with Baby Dolls (Yes, Even Boys!)



DIY Tutorials

 Young toddlers  can  practice early developmental skills with plastic baby dolls and when they are grown, they can transition into these  Best Friend or Buddy dolls.

Tutorial: Secret to Cutting Felt

This tutorial teaches simple and easy way to cut felt. No more uneven and jagged felt pieces!

Black Apple Dolls ( Tutorials and Template)







An easy to follow pattern and directions. These dolls can be hand sewn too.

Black Apple Blog Page for More Ideas






Aren’t these boys so handsome!


Other Inspirations by Black Apple Dolls

black apple dolls 012

black apple dolls 010








I love the little details on these dolls.

They look unique and individual just like their owners.


Doll Patten and Instructions

slumber party3








small slumber party13




These dolls look more whimsical.  Perfect for little princesses.


Tutorial: Girl Boy Fabric Dolls Pattern Pieces Included






These dolls have individual personalities.


Dolly Making Tips and Donate Dolls for Children in Need

dolly_donations_header_2010 copy



There are other children in the world who desperately needs a doll.

The link will share how you can help in sending a doll to a child in need.


Thank You for stopping by and sharing your ideas with me.

I had fun and I hope you did too.


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