My Rainbow After Storm

646My daughter and I had a “girl talk” moment.  We haven’t had one in long time so I was eager to hear what my daughter wanted to share.

Update:  Remember the Bully?

I blogged about here.  I will call her “C” .

The “frienenemie”= friend+enemy?

I blogged about here.     I will  call her “J”.

After both incidents, both  “C” and “J” became self-proclaimed BFF for my daughter.  I informed  my daughter to keep good friendship with them,  try to look  pass what they did  but, always be aware and be careful.


The Girl Talk

Daughter:  Mommy,  I think “C” is a sad girl.  She is worried that no one will be nice to her if she is not a bully.  I talk to her and share other ways to make friends.  But mommy, I can only help her so much.           I can’t do all the work for her.  I am nice but I also let her know when she is taking too much of my time.

“J” has too much masks, just like Mother Gothel in the movie “Tangled.”  She pretends to be nice and happy but I know they are fake.  When you are really happy,  you laugh from your belly not your throat and when you really like someone, you show with your actions.  That is how you can be a reliable friend.

Me: speechless… with tears of joy in my heart.

Daughter:  Mommy, you will love me even when I am really bad, right?

Me: Yes, even when I am upset with you , I love you!   IF  I don’t love you , there is no need for me to get upset with your bad actions.  Mommy will be there for you but, remember, you will always have to do your part too.

Daughter:  Yes, I know.

  • It was heartbreaking for me to see my girl go through such stressful times.  It was even more difficult  when I did not get the support from people whom I trusted.
  • The thought of my girl watching me motivated me to look past the storm.
  • I am thankful to know that this storm has made my daughter and me stronger and wiser.

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