How to Build Confidence and Promote Positive Behavior

Growing up as an Asian Girl, I was taught to believe, confidence meant arrogance and disrespect.  As a mother, I find myself wanting to encourage confidence.  f61ea5eac9cd06558004873ec0b1306a

For some time, I was thinking about  what I can  do to promote positive behaviors and decrease unwanted behaviors from my children.  I believe there is a strong bond or link between confidence and positive behaviors.   Why?   A confident child believes they can accomplish things, is self-reliant, and believes in their own abilities.

Most parents understand, to some degree, the importance of building confidence and encouraging positive behaviors but, we get stuck on where do we look? How do we get started? or Who should we go for guidance?

How can we help our children build confidence?


  • Believe in your child and show it
  • Give praise and positive feedback
  • Practice active and reflective listening
  • Criticize bad behavior not your child
  • Respect your child’s interests
  • Accept any fears or insecurities
  • Encourage independence
  • Laugh with your child
  • Focus on your child’s successes

Dr. Laura Hutchinson, Child Psychologist and Play Therapist wrote a wonderful article on her blog about Promoting Positive Behavior.  This is an easy read blog, filled with helpful information.

I will list highlights from her blog but I encourage you to read her complete article.IMG_1046

1. Limit Setting

  • State limit
  • Give a warning
  • Enforce the consequence

2.  Play Skills for Parents (we all need reminders)

  • Structuring skill
  • Empathetic listening skill
  • Imaginary play skill
  • Limit setting skill

3. Having realistic expectations

I hope this gave you some directions for encouraging confidence and promoting positive behavior in children.

About Stephanie Park

Hi, How are you? Thank You for visiting my profile. I am a Stay at Home Mother who loves keeping things real, pure, and simple. This is my vision. “How you do ANYTHING is How you do EVERYTHING!” I work from home, and help people by sharing and showing how to build an empires from their living room/ home office with nothing more than a computer or a laptop, an internet connection, and an unstoppable passion to succeed. My dream and passion is in sharing my gratitude I’ve learned from my journey as a "Online Networker" while staying at home with my family and empower everyone to discover their own hidden talents and create/ celebrate their success. If you find comfort in my vision… please stop by my Facebook page or call my home office and share your thoughts with me. >>>> (719) 544 - 2002 Looking forward to connecting with you soon!
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  1. PlayDrMom says:

    Thanks so much for highlighting info in my blog. This is really a great post about a very important subject!

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