Am I Creating Narcissistic Extensions?

Last year,  I read a disturbing article on mothering and parenting.  It still triggers and stirs me up emotionally.

Article: Why Chinese Mothers are Superior.

When I read this article for the first time, two thoughts briefly came to my mind.   Narcissism and Narcissistic Extension.

There were a period of  time when people  would approach me with the question, “Are you one of THOSE mom?”  after looking at my Asian face.

It felt like rubbing salt on my freshly wounded ego.


My School of Thought on Parenting

  • Parents will set the parameters on how we show respect  to everyone but kids are free to speak out their mind.
  • Teach the difference between passion and curiosity.
  • Authoritative approach on goal setting skills, self help skills, and character building lessons for long term success.
  • Teach the value of family ties.
  • Teach the importance of having emotional intelligence.

If these methods of parenting labels me of being a “Tiger Mom” or “Mama Bear,” then I will gladly accept and gladly wear the label on my chest.

But, Please….  in the future,  I request,  no prejudgment  will be placed on me just by  the color or shape of my face.

Peace out!


About Stephanie Park

Hi, How are you? Thank You for visiting my profile. I am a Stay at Home Mother who loves keeping things real, pure, and simple. This is my vision. “How you do ANYTHING is How you do EVERYTHING!” I work from home, and help people by sharing and showing how to build an empires from their living room/ home office with nothing more than a computer or a laptop, an internet connection, and an unstoppable passion to succeed. My dream and passion is in sharing my gratitude I’ve learned from my journey as a "Online Networker" while staying at home with my family and empower everyone to discover their own hidden talents and create/ celebrate their success. If you find comfort in my vision… please stop by my Facebook page or call my home office and share your thoughts with me. >>>> (719) 544 - 2002 Looking forward to connecting with you soon!
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2 Responses to Am I Creating Narcissistic Extensions?

  1. I think your pointers are quite healthy and loving

    Thanks 🙂

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