My Caterpillar Says Meow

My son was enjoying the company of his Very Hungry Caterpillar doll…

Me: What will caterpillar say?

Son: I dono, caterpillar don’t talk!

Me: Well, if they can talk, what do you think he will say?

Son:  Uhhhh… Meow!

Me: Why Meow?

Son: Because it’s a CAT-erpillar!


My favorite early childhood book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl.   The book shows the stages of metamorphosis, teaches days of the week, numbers 1 to 5 in sequence, and pages are filled with bright cheerful  illustrations.

I gave my son a copy of this  book for his second birthday and he loves the story.   I went on the web to see what other story extensions I can do with him.


Eric Carl Shares His Book

This is  from You Tube.  Mr. Carl shares how he made this book.  Its been more than 40 years.


Online Storytime Books @

The story is read at much slower pace by Mr. Carl.  You have to click on the sun located under the screen to view the story.  There are lot other online audio stories to enjoy and they are all free.


Caterpillar Necklace @

Great for hand eye coordination, patterning, tri- pod grasp practice, color recognition,  and  all around fun activity.








Snack Idea @

Fun way to teach healthy foods.

snack idea









Story Retelling @

zip lock story







Balloon Painting @

balloon painting






Here are some images with more great ideas.


caterpillar clothes pins





Clothes Pin Caterpillars



caterpillar kitchen style







Caterpillar in the Kitchen


hand print






Hand Print Caterpillar



play dough caterpillar







Playdough Caterpillar








Beautiful Butterfly – it doesn’t have to be this fancy, twist the pillow cover in the middle and tie the ends to the kid’s wist.



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