Easter Planned By Kids

Is it just me or did Easter come so quickly this year?  Now that I am in the Easter & Spring mode, everything is overloading my senses!  There are so many choices to choose from.    As for me, Holiday is about family time.  I try not to get involved in the circus of ladies outdoing each other.   My concern is that I will miss out on my kid’s childhood while I am wrapped up in prepping for all the things to impress others.  My weakness is in crafts.  Its fun getting your hands sticky, gooey, and top  it off with sparkle.  Well, lets just say, my goofy side got the best of me this year.  I decided to let kids plan Easter  activities this year.   Please keep in mind that my daughter is seven and my son is three years old.

This is what happens when my two kids plan…

Daughter: Mommy, we HAVE to go to Sunday School!

Me: Okay, then what?

Daughter: We can color eggs.

Me: Okay, how are we going to do that?

Daughter:  You can boil eggs, daddy and I can go to the store and buy all the things we will need because, you’ll be busy cooking.

Me: Are we doing egg hunt?

Daughter:  YES! We have to do that!

Me: Then what kind of candies should we get?

Daughter:  Mommy, can we try ” Smarties” and ” dum- dums?”   (who comes up with these interesting names for candy?   I have never heard of them!  I can’t keep up with these candy trend!)…And mommy, can we make pink sparkle playdough
I asked for  my son’s input next…
Son: Mommy, I want rocks and dirt in my eggs!
Me:  Rock candy?
Son:  No, rocks you can throw outside.
Me:  What about dirt?  Dirt you can eat?
Son:  No, silly mommy! You can’t eat dirt!
Me:  Dirt from outside?
Son:  No, outside dirt have dog pupu… you make it mommy.
I can already see… its going  to be an interesting Easter!

About Stephanie Park

Hi, How are you? Thank You for visiting my profile. I am a Stay at Home Mother who loves keeping things real, pure, and simple. This is my vision. “How you do ANYTHING is How you do EVERYTHING!” I work from home, and help people by sharing and showing how to build an empires from their living room/ home office with nothing more than a computer or a laptop, an internet connection, and an unstoppable passion to succeed. My dream and passion is in sharing my gratitude I’ve learned from my journey as a "Online Networker" while staying at home with my family and empower everyone to discover their own hidden talents and create/ celebrate their success. If you find comfort in my vision… please stop by my Facebook page or call my home office and share your thoughts with me. >>>> https://www.facebook.com/simple.stephanie (719) 544 - 2002 Looking forward to connecting with you soon!
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