Ideas for Helping Your Toddler with Sensory Overloard During Meal and Bath Time

I used to have most difficult time with my son during meals and getting ready for bath.  He would cry, yell, throw things in protest against my directions to complete  a task.   I tried to show actions of understanding but there were lots of times it just ended up being a power struggle.  I was running out of resources real quick.  Then I started thinking back to when  I was raising my daughter,  my first born.  We used to have similar conflict when she would have Sensory Overload.   The Sensory Overload happens when one of body’s senses experiences over- stimulation form the environment.   I am not well educated in this field of  study to explain the reasons why these things happen.   However, I was willing to try anything to help my son during meal and bath time.

These are  the things  I’ve tried: 

  • Overcome your fear on trying new things for your child and have fun.
  • During meal and bath time, try to introduce or change one to two new things from these categories:  taste, size, shape, texture, or color.
  •  For example,  my son loves macaroni and cheese with hotdogs.  I can change the macaroni to different pasta that is similar in size (change in shape),  I can cut the hotdogs (size),  or I can introduce him to corn dog when he is ready (taste and texture).
  • Bath time was little easier.  I used bubble bath (unscented),  I tried food coloring in water,  shaving cream for him to play on the wall, and let him pick out toys to play in the bath.
  • When your child is ready, ask how they want their meal… you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
  • When your child wants to choose something that is not available or is not safe, explain the situation to them and offer the alternative.

Here are few more ideas…

10 Tips on Picky Eaters @ Mayoclinic

Picky Eating and Toddlers


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