How to Help Your Child Overcome Fears

Let’s talk about something beautiful.  It’s something that leaves a smile on my face every time I think about it.

This happened when I went grocery shopping with my son.  He is three now but this happened when he was two years old.  At the checkout, he turned to me then said, “Mommy look! Purple HULK!  I’m scared!”  I did not know  what he was talking about so, I quickly scanned the display case, posters, and charts to get a rough idea on what he saw.

He was referring to the bagger who was helping  with our grocery.  I do not know in detail about what happen to him, but I could see that he was a burned victim.  His face and arms were heavily scared.  I assured my son that everything was okay and to validate, I went up to the bagger then said, “hello.”    In return, he cracked a smile then said, “hello.”

In few weeks, the relationship turned into a wonderful friendship.  Every time we’re at checkout, my son looks for him, and  his new friend  always makes his way to come and help us with our grocery.

These are few steps you can take to help your child overcome their fears:

  • Understand Their Fear- They are still discovering the world with their limited prior knowledge and experiences.  It makes a great difference when  they know their parents understand their fears.
  • Give The Right Message/ DO NOT IGNORE – Kids look up to their parents and wants feed back on how they should feel.
  • Model Being Brave- Your child will follow your actions.
  • Use words of comfort to let your child  know you will always be there to protect and love them.
  • Make sure you praise them for their bravery.

More Ideas on Helping Toddler Overcome Fears @ kidspot


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